When our oldest daughter started Black Bears she had played one season on her school team and rode the bench 98% of the time. Her goal while being on that school team was to be able to serve over the net during a game at least once before the end of the season. She met that goal twice serving underhand by the end of that school season. She started Black Bears at the end of that season and under the patient, professional & knowledgeable Black Bears coaching staff, she was all of a sudden serving overhand consistently. We are so grateful to the high level of Black Bears coaching and mentorship, it has been priceless in the progress of our daughter's volleyball journey. Our girl, who is in 8th grade this year, starts for both her middle school and varsity high school teams, wow! She is one of the best and consistent players on these teams, we credit her work ethic and the knowledge, support and high level of play/coaching that Black Bears has provided to take her to levels we never would have foreseen. Now we have three daughters and they all play like champs, thanks to Black Bears, and absolutely love it! Thank you Black Bears!  

-Rocky Frizzell

Our family highly recommends investing in Black Bears Volleyball for your player.  Our daughter learned technical and positional skills that helped her succeed at the high school level.  She improved her serves, became a great outside hitter and learned the offense & defense positions of the game...all without drama and yelling:). The coaches are highly trained & highly experienced players.  This club is worth your time, money, and support.  Thanks Black Bears coaches!  We look forward to playing again.

-Tiffany Stack

We discovered the Black Bears VB Club team last year and immidiately felt welcomed.  The coaches strive to elevate the skill of each player individually and as a team. Equally, they encourage the players to have fun. This club team has become some what of a second family to us as we travel together for games and get to know each other better. We can't wait for the season to start!

-Joi Frederick

Our daughter has grown tremendously on the court since joining Black Bears volleyball club.    The coaches are very open, approachable and care about the girls on a personal level.   This commitment by the coaches has helped our daughter with her confidence, becoming team oriented and developing into a well rounded player.  Black Bears is more than a volleyball club.  It is a collective group of coaches and parents that truly love the sport and love watching their girls play.  We could not be happier!

-Katie Mahoney

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